VNR Platform for Valley Nonprofits

Created and operated by Valley Nonprofit Resources
California State University Northridge

The VNR Platform for Valley Nonprofits offers free of charge an interactive map of the 4,300 nonprofits in the San Fernando Valley, showing their location and providing a profile based on the nonprofit’s 990 and other information (use the Search window here to find a particular nonprofit, or go to the Map page to find nonprofits in a particular geographical area or of a particular service type).  The VNR Platform also houses links to other organizations that offer information for and about nonprofits in the Valley and throughout Los Angeles County (go to Links and Data Sources).  And it contains a free downloadable directory of nonprofit capacity-building resources in Los Angeles County and other helpful documents (go to VNR Resources for Direct Download). It can help nonprofits locate information and identify partners and funding sources, and also can help funders, policymakers and researchers understand better the Valley’s nonprofit sector.  

Valley Nonprofit Resources (VNR) provides information, education and technical assistance to Valley nonprofits, and is based at California State University Northridge. VNR serves smaller and larger nonprofits in the Valley of all types, except for religious organizations and schools (though some of these may be included on the Map).  Many additional information resources are available for free download on the main VNR website (click on link just above).

The VNR Platform was created by VNR in partnership with the Center for Geographical Studies at California State University Northridge and the Urban Institute in Washington, DC, under a grant from The California Wellness Foundation. Valuable input for the VNR Platform was provided by an Advisory Committee: David Factor, Executive Services Corps of Southern California; Marianne Haver Hill, MEND; and Joy Picus, Consultant and Chair of VNR Advisory Board.  For more information contact VNR at


(use the Search window here to find a particular nonprofit, or go to the Map page to find nonprofits in a particular geographical area or of a particular service type - religious congregations are not included because VNR does not offer services to them)

Every nonprofit in the San Fernando Valley recognized by the IRS has a profile, prepared by the National Center for Charitable Statistics, which can be located by inputting the nonprofit’s name above. VNR has added information for some entries, as provided by the nonprofit.

Each profile contains the following: Overview (address and other basic information about the nonprofit), Map (nonprofit’s location within the San Fernando Valley), Details (IRS Identification and Total Assets/Revenue), Financial (changes in revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities and net assets), Programs (brief description of the nonprofit's programs), Form 990 (for multiple years), Officials (the nonprofit's leaders) and Staff.  Not all profiles contain all categories of information. Nonprofits wishing to update their profiles may contact VNR (the entire system is updated annually). 


NOTE: The VNR Platform now includes all grantmaking foundations based in the San Fernando Valley (foundations whose offices are based outside the Valley are not included, though they may make grants in the Valley). To search for these foundations, please go to:                         


If you enter a nonprofit name and it doesn't come up in the system, this may be because the legal name of the organization is different than its operating name, or that it is not headquartered in the San Fernando Valley.  It may be possible to resolve this by consulting the nonprofit's website, or by direct contact.  Please contact VNR if you have any questions.

Platform data current as of June 2020