Created and operated by Valley Nonprofit Resources - California State University Northridge

The VNR Platform for Valley Nonprofits offers a geo-map of the more than 4,300 nonprofits in the San Fernando Valley, showing their location and providing a profile based on the nonprofit’s 990. Information also can be accessed about individual nonprofits located in the Valley. The VNR Platform also houses VNR’s Library of free downloadable publications, and offers resources and links to other organizations that provide information for and about nonprofits in the Valley and throughout Los Angeles County.  It can help nonprofits locate information, identify partners, and also can help funders, policymakers and researchers understand the Valley’s nonprofit sector better.  

Valley Nonprofit Resources (VNR) provides information, education, and technical assistance to Valley nonprofits, and is based at California State University Northridge. VNR serves smaller and larger nonprofits in the Valley of all types, except for religious organizations and schools.  Many additional information resources are available for free download on the main VNR website (click on link just above)

Featured Publication: Resource Directory for Nonprofit Capacity Building in Los Angeles County 2022 An information guide listing consultants, training programs and other capacity-building resources for Los Angeles County, published annually since 2003 by VNR. Coming soon and available now on Valley Nonprofit Resources website.

Platform data current as of February 2022