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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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Creating Your Volunteer Handbook

Is an article written by Connor Thompson for The Nonprofit Partnership. The article details how to craft a volunteer handbook that will help to prevent lawsuits and help volunteers understand what is expected of them.

Tags - Management
Creative Disruption: Nonprofit Sabbaticals Improve Organizational Capacity

Is a study report by Third Sector New England's Deborah Linnell and CompassPoint's Tim Wolfred, exposing the myth that an executive sabbatical will be a chaotic disruption. Their study finds instead that the creative disruption of a well-planned sabbatical can be productive for the entire leadership of an organization.

Tags - Capacity Building
Creative Fundraising for Ensemble Theatres

This handout from VNR's January 2009 workshop, done in collaboration with the Network of Ensemble Theatres, offers a wealth of resources on fundraising strategies theatres and other arts nonprofits can use.

Tags - Fundraising
Crowdfunding for Nonprofits: Experimentation Required

Is a short essay from NPQ Online that provides some overview statistics about crowdfunding in the nonprofit sector, including the total estimated fundraising done by crowdfunding worldwide in 2012 - $2.7 billion.

Tags - Fundraising
Crowdfunding Sites

Is a guide, including brief summary descriptions, to some prominent crowdfunding sites that offer funding opportunities for nonprofits.

Tags - Fundraising
Crowdsourcing: A Promising Practice Both Nonprofit-like and Visionary

Is an article written by Derrick Rhayn for The Nonprofit Quarterly. The article discusses the many benefits of crowdsourcing to nonprofit organizations and provides examples of crowdsourcing success.

Tags - Fundraising
Cryptocurrency for Nonprofits: Best Ways to Accept Donations in 2022

In this article some major types of cryptocurrency are compared, such as vs The Giving Block vs Engiven. Guidance also is given about the best way for nonprofits to accept donations in cryptocurrency.

Tags - Fundraising
Culture, Inclusion, and Nonprofit Competence: The Unbreakable Links

Is an article written by Steve Dubb for The Nonprofit Quarterly. In the article, Dodd discusses the ideas of cultural competency and inclusivity in regards to nonprofits and examines the benefits associated with them

Tags - Human Resources
Danger Ahead!!! Beware the Three Dangerous Traps in Finding New Leaders.

The hole that is created when a key leader leaves an organization is often frightening, and the desire to fill that hole can lead to high anxiety and knee-jerk reactions. The impulse to move quickly can often lead to poor decisions, and poor decisions can lead to a downward spiral of problems for the nonprofit. This article outlines and describes these traps.

Tags - Human Resources
Daring to Lead 2011: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership

Is the latest report of an ongoing research project. Since the last report in 2006, powerful new forces have influenced the work and careers of nonprofit leadersin the US, including the recession. One of the 2011 study's most important findings is that 2/3 of nonprofit executives plan to leave their jobs within five years, despite some slowing of their plans because of the hard economic times. This report, produced by CompassPoint and the Meyer Foundation with the participation of more than 3,00

Tags - Change Management
Dealing with Difficult Volunteers

Even the best-intentioned people working as volunteers in a nonprofit can cause problems. This publication offers tips to help manage volunteers who do.

Tags - Management
Delivering on the Promise of Nonprofits

Is an article by Jeffrey L. Bradach, Thomas J. Tierney and Nan Stone of The Bridgespan Group for the Harvard Business Review. In it they explore four important questions every nonprofit should use to evaluate their performance: Which results will we hold ourselves accountable for? How will we achieve them? What will the results really cost, and how can we fund them? How do we build the organization we need to deliver those results?

Tags - Evaluation
Developing Leadership on Boards of Directors

By Barbara S. Miller and Jean Bergman is an article from the Journal of Nonprofit Management, published by the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, New York. It summarizes the results of a study of fifteen exemplary nonprofits, and provides insights into how boards can create a culture of leadership and transform themselves into an active, engaged, and knowledgeable team. These changes can help a nonprofit organization anticipate and respond to the myriad challenges in the sector today.

Tags - Board Development
Digital Campaigns Inspire Positive Change

Is an article written by Jim Schaffer for The Nonprofit Quarterly. The article identifies a number of digital campaigns and examines the differentiating attributes and significant outcomes of each. Schaffer also offers a number of suggestions for getting creative while recommitting to one's own cause.

Tags - Communications and Networking
Ditch Your Board Composition Matrix

The board matrix has a list of skills and competencies that are "supposed" to be on the board, such as legal, marketing, HR, fundraising and finance. And typically there are also demographic qualities, such as gender, race and age. The board matrix then shows what boxes presumably need to be filled. What's wrong here is that these board composition matrices focus our attention on what people are, rather than on what the organization needs board members to do. This article explains why this appro

Tags - Board Development