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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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Dealing with Difficult Volunteers

Even the best-intentioned people working as volunteers in a nonprofit can cause problems. This publication offers tips to help manage volunteers who do.

Tags - Management
Delivering on the Promise of Nonprofits

Is an article by Jeffrey L. Bradach, Thomas J. Tierney and Nan Stone of The Bridgespan Group for the Harvard Business Review. In it they explore four important questions every nonprofit should use to evaluate their performance: Which results will we hold ourselves accountable for? How will we achieve them? What will the results really cost, and how can we fund them? How do we build the organization we need to deliver those results?

Tags - Evaluation
Developing Leadership on Boards of Directors

By Barbara S. Miller and Jean Bergman is an article from the Journal of Nonprofit Management, published by the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, New York. It summarizes the results of a study of fifteen exemplary nonprofits, and provides insights into how boards can create a culture of leadership and transform themselves into an active, engaged, and knowledgeable team. These changes can help a nonprofit organization anticipate and respond to the myriad challenges in the sector today.

Tags - Board Development
Digital Campaigns Inspire Positive Change

Is an article written by Jim Schaffer for The Nonprofit Quarterly. The article identifies a number of digital campaigns and examines the differentiating attributes and significant outcomes of each. Schaffer also offers a number of suggestions for getting creative while recommitting to one's own cause.

Tags - Communications and Networking
Ditch Your Board Composition Matrix

The board matrix has a list of skills and competencies that are "supposed" to be on the board, such as legal, marketing, HR, fundraising and finance. And typically there are also demographic qualities, such as gender, race and age. The board matrix then shows what boxes presumably need to be filled. What's wrong here is that these board composition matrices focus our attention on what people are, rather than on what the organization needs board members to do. This article explains why this appro

Tags - Board Development
DIY: Make a Bylaws Cheat Sheet

It's cumbersome to have to look over all the legalese of bylaws when an organization wants to answer to a simple question. In this article, Jan Masaoka suggests creating a summary of the bylaws as a quick reference guide

Tags - Board Development
Do Nonprofit CEOs and CFOs Occupy a Strategic Space Together? Not Always

Is an article written by Ruth McCambridge for The Nonprofit Quarterly. The article details the findings of a recent survey in which CEOs and CFOs at nonprofit organizations reveal that they view organizational priorities and challenges somewhat differently.

Tags - Leadership
Do Nonprofits Pay Taxes? Do Nonprofit Employees Pay Taxes?

This brief article for Blue Avocado by Monte S. Meyers, MBA sets forth some basics about whether a nonprofit organization must pay taxes, and whether individuals working at a nonprofit must pay taxes.

Tags - Finances and Sustainability
Do We Need Insurance for Our Volunteers?

This article provides detailed advice along with several worst-case scenarios to show what kinds of events can happen and how to minimize costs, protect the volunteers and the organization.

Tags - Human Resources
Does Your Board Need to Be More Diverse? Here’s How to Do It.

Numerous nonprofits have recently started evaluating the why and the how regarding the lack of racial diversity in their boards. In this article written for Community Centric Fundraising, Meenakshi Das shares three instances of when and how nonprofit representatives can approach achieving a diverse board with inclusivity and equity in mind.

Tags - DEI/ Anti-Racism
Doing More with More: Putting Shared Leadership into Practice

Is an article written by Michael Allison, Susan Misra and Elissa Perry for The Nonprofit Quarterly. The article identifies the different aspects of shared leadership and details how it can be put into action to best serve an organization and its mission.

Tags - Leadership
Don't Cook the Frog: Lessons from a Nonprofit's Near-Death Experience

Eckerd Connects was a nonprofit that gradually lost sight of its original mission and almost didn’t survive — much like the fable of the frog being slowly boiled in a pot of water. This white paper shares their experience to help other nonprofits learn how to remain healthy and agile to fulfill their missions as they grow and transform. By accepting reality, operationalizing values, prioritizing execution, and conquering the “messy middle,” nonprofits can deliver on the promise of change

Tags - Capacity Building
Don't Let Your Fundraising Strategy Go to Seed

Is an article written by Lyndal Frazier-Cairns for NTEN. The article outlines the steps one should take to keep a fundraising strategy alive and well during times of transformation.

Tags - Fundraising
Don’t Let Constant Deadlines Derail Critical Work

With a full to-do list, getting out each grant proposal on time usually becomes the most urgent matter that drives a grant professional’s days. This article suggests grant-seekers make sure they set aside time for items such as assembling a strategic grants submission calendar, developing and nurturing relationships with funders and colleague organizations, and creating an outcomes reporting system.

Tags - Management
Donor Trust Report 2021: Profiles in Charity Trust and GivingCover Image for 2021 Special Report on Charity Impact

The Donor Trust Report 2021: Profiles in Charity Trust and Giving offers (1) our usual indicators for public trust in the charitable sector, highlighting charity types that experienced noteworthy shifts during 2020; (2) donor profiles for different charity types based on self-reported contribution behavior, including comparisons to the overall donor sample; and (3) information about the public’s openness to solicitation and giving preferences by different generation, racial, and givin

Tags - Fundraising