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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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For Resilient Nonprofits, There Is Opportunity in Adversity

All throughout the past year’s crises, nonprofits have turned adversity into opportunities to serve their communities in previously unimagined ways, managing risks and harvesting rewards in the process. This article by Meera Chary and Bill Breen is the final in a three-part series on building nonprofit resilience.

Tags - Capacity Building
Fortifying LA’s Nonprofit Organizations

Capacity Building Needs and Services in Los Angeles County is the report of a study commissioned by the Weingart Foundation and conducted by TCC Group. Hard copies of the report are available by email request to.

Tags - Capacity Building
Fostering Effective Relationships among Nonprofit Boards and Executive Directors

By Jodie Butler Markey and Dwight V. Denison is a study of nonprofits that identifies key factors contributing to a good board chair-executive director relationship. Those factors include the length of time that the executive director has worked for an organization and the number of hours per week that the executive director communicates with board members.

Tags - Board Development
Foundations Respond To Crisis 

Amid the unprecedented challenges of the past year, calls for funders to make fundamental changes in how they approach their work have grown in number and intensity. How are foundations responding to the past year’s crises? What high-level changes in practice are they making — and will these changes be for the long term? CEP explored these questions through surveying and interviewing U.S. foundation leaders. This three-part research series, Foundations Respond to Crisis, shares what we learn

Tags - Philanthropy
Founder-to-CEO Transitions: Making It Work When the Founder Stays On

Is an article written by Carole Matthews for The Bridgespan Group. The article highlights the importance of founder readiness, dividing responsibilities, and staff loyalty during an incoming CEO’s period of transition.

Tags - Change Management
Four Actions Nonprofit Leaders Can Take to Transform Organizational Culture

Discusses what can nonprofit leaders can do when it becomes clear that a shift in culture is needed to realize organizational goals or increase impact. It starts with acknowledging that simply articulating new beliefs and values alone won't change behaviors of staff. In fact, the experiences of executive directors and other senior leaders who have successfully shifted their cultures reveal a counter-intuitive lesson: it takes concrete actions to shift an intangible force like organizational cult

Tags - Human Resources
Four Essential Tips To Make Your Nonprofit Mobile Friendly

What does it mean to make your nonprofit organization mobile friendly? From your organization’s website and emails to landing and donation pages, turning your nonprofit into a mobile-friendly one requires focusing on all aspects of your organization’s work. Let’s first look at the different major benefits of a mobile-friendly nonprofit

Tags - Technology
Four Mindsets That Accelerate Nonprofit Growth

This is an article written by Matthew Forti for Stanford Social Innovation Review. In the article, Forti outlines how a set of strategies related to target-setting, financial modeling, program measurement, and organizational culture can help organizations reach major milestones.

Tags - Finances and Sustainability
Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Setting Up an Employee Volunteer Program

Is an article written by Jack Kosakowski for Forbes Nonprofit Council. The article discusses the many benefits of employee volunteer programs and what exactly employers can do to make associates feel both included and valued. Its perspectives may also be helpful for nonprofit leaders.

Tags - Collaboration
Four Ways to Remove a Board Member

This article describes using personal intervention, leave of absence, term limits and impeachment to remove a board member.

Tags - Board Development
Four Ways to Use Instagram to Propel Your Nonprofit Goals in 2018

An article written by Gloria Horsley for Forbes Nonprofit Council, identifies a number of key tactics for inspiring, engaging with, and growing a following on Instagram.

Tags - Social Media
Four Ways Your Nonprofit Can Build Partnerships With Companies And Foundations

Is an article written by Becky Straw for Forbes Nonprofit Council. In the article, Straw shares how nonprofit leaders can build bigger partnerships by embracing risk, leveraging technology and data, and building a movement.

Tags - Collaboration
From Feel Good to Real Good

In this article, author Kathleen Kelly shares why and how to equip the next generation with the tools they need to deliver on good intentions in their support of the nonprofit sector, as volunteers, as nonprofit staff, or as creators of nonprofits. Current nonprofit leaders can be part of this process by teaching what they’ve learned about how to create and run a nonprofit. And this educational process can start at the high school level or even younger.

Tags - Nonprofit Sector
From Risk Management to Risk Leadership: A Governance Conversation with David O. Renz

This is an interview with The Editors and David O. Renz for The Nonprofit Quarterly. In the interview, nonprofit governance expert David Renz points out that it is not enough to "manage" risk; rather, modern nonprofit boards must learn to welcome and become intimate with it, because work in this sector has risk embedded at every level. And while many think of risk in predominantly financial terms, there are any number of risks taken that are born of omission rather than commission.

Tags - Leadership
Fund Development Plan with Manual Resource List

This is an introductory guide for those who are new to nonprofits or new to the development function. It is ideal for board members and volunteers as well as staff or those interested in a new career in fundraising or nonprofits.

Tags - Fundraising