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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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Tailor Your Communications for Greater Engagement

This is an article written by Linda Lombardi for Network for Good. Lombardi details how to best customize a communications strategy and discusses the importance of honing the tone of communications to fit a particular donor’s preferences.

Tags - Communications and Networking
Talking About Outcomes, Not Outputs: How Nonprofits Can Shift Donors’ Mindsets on Funding

Sometimes nonprofits confuse and conflate outcomes and outputs in their marketing and fundraising campaigns. Outputs are the different things a nonprofit makes and provides, while outcomes are the differences made by those things. In fundraising, outcomes are king, because, as the strategist Deb Mills-Scofield notes, “Outcomes are the difference made by the outputs.”

Tags - Fundraising
Ten Biggest Mistakes that Boards and Executives Make

This is an article by Jan Masaoka, the title of which says it all.

Tags - Board Development
Ten Myths About Nonprofit Boards

By Blue Avocado's Jan Masaoka that explores the current assumptions about nonprofit boards and presents the correct facts to dispel those myths. They include: "Nonprofits have to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley," "The best size for a board is 16," and "The annual approval of the budget is the cornerstone of the board's financial oversight."

Tags - Board Development
Ten Nonprofit Funding Models

Written by William Foster, Peter Kim, and Barbara Christiansen, this article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review identifies ten nonprofit models that are commonly used by the largest nonprofits in the United States. It describes the models so that nonprofit leaders can more clearly the models they believe could suppose support the growth of their organizations.

Tags - Fundraising
Ten Smart Ways to Diversify Your Nonprofit's Fundraising Efforts and Raise More

The world has changed and nonprofits need to raise funds in new ways. From virtual and hybrid events to digital engagement of donors, there are a number of new ways to raise funds to do more good. This visual guide explores 10 of them.

Tags - Fundraising
Ten Things Boards Do Right (Without Even Realizing It)

Boards and board members don't get credit for some important work they do without even realizing they are doing it. They provide a safety net, put their own bank accounts at risk for staff wrongdoing, satisfy requirements, and more. In this article, Jan Masaoka discusses ten benefits of nonprofit boards.

Tags - Board Development
The 4 Types of Power Players: How They Disrupt Boards and What to Do About Them

The 4 Types of Power Players: How They Disrupt Boards and What to Do About Them is an article written by Donald Summers for BoardSource. The article offers advice for how to identify a particular type of power play in nonprofit Boards while it is happening and how to act swiftly to protect and preserve collaboration and equity of participation.

Tags - Board Development
The 6 Stories Your Nonprofit Organization Should Tell

Is an article written by Samantha Christmann for The Buffalo News. Christmann outlines the six main stories every person in a nonprofit organization should be able to tell, whether they are an intern or a board member, in order to better market the nonprofit and raise funds.

Tags - Communications and Networking
The Art of Irresistible Email

Corporate employees receive and send more than 100 emails a day on average, according to tracking sites like Pingdom and Radicati. Competition for attention is fierce. So, no matter the job title or department, everyone needs to master electronic messaging to get the job done effectively.

Tags - Communications and Networking
The Board Chair-Executive Director Relationship: Dynamics that Create Value for Nonprofit Organizations

By Mary Hiland, shows how nurturing the relationship and establishing and sustaining trust between board chairs and executive directors is strategic work essential to organizational effectiveness. The importance of connection, caring and meaning should not be lost in an over-emphasis on more business-like practices and claims of harried busyness. The potential to leverage the board chair-executive director relationship and increase nonprofit organizations' stock of meaningful, productive relatio

Tags - Board Development
The Board-Chief Executive Partnership: Valuing Our Respective Lanes

This article, written by Ann Cohen for BoardSource, identifies the respective duties of the board and chief executive and details the ways in which they can best work together in a constructive partnership.

Tags - Board Development
The Challenge of Organizational Learning

A recent Bridgespan study found three common barriers to knowledge sharing across nonprofits and their networks, as well as ways and means to overcome them.

Tags - Collaboration
The Complete Nonprofit's Guide to Heartbleed

What is Heartbleed? In short, it's a backdoor into the popular (around two-thirds-of-the-internet popular) OpenSSL security software. What's scariest about this vulnerability is that, in addition to being unnoticed for two years, it exposes encryption keys, giving attackers the ability to "unlock" the passwords and names of users, as well as the actual content. In this article, Kyle Andrei details steps nonprofits should take as a result of the discovery of this vulnerability.

Tags - Technology
The Definitive Nonprofit Board Book: Index

Index This publication is a humorous presentation of issues that arise in various board meetings and among board members.

Tags - Board Development