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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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When Impact Data Goes Wrong: Good People Giving Bad Numbers

This article offers examples of the ways in which data can be presented that can greatly affect the impact of the information being provided.

Tags - Evaluation
When It Comes to Staff: Train to Gain

Is an article written for The NonProfit Times. The article explains the importance of talent and fundraising and suggests a number of ways to keep nonprofit staff at the top of their game.

Tags - Management
When Kids Volunteer: Liability Basics

Whether kids sell cookies or help clean up a park, they are welcome volunteers. This article discusses how nonprofit staff can learn the basics of how to protect kids and the organization when it comes to liabilities (at the end of the article is a link to a sample waiver)

Tags - Human Resources
When the Change Needs to be You

Is an article that points out how many executives and managers tend to focus in on faults that exist within their organization - but what happens if that individual is what needs to change? Here are examples of people who faced the realization and how they went about making essential changes.

Tags - Leadership
Who Are Stakeholders and Why Do They Matter?

Mapping stakeholders and systems can be powerful tools to increase equity and improve organizational decision making. But remember that the key to equity is inclusivity. As the author writes, “We must make space for everyone beyond the boundaries of our maps and Venn diagrams. This leaves room for future generations and for all the possibilities we cannot yet imagine.” This whitepaper explains who stakeholders are and why all organizations should know theirs. It also shares tips for how to i

Tags - Capacity Building
Who Cares About How Nonprofit Foundation Boards Govern Themselves? I Do, and You Should Too

Is an article written by Anne Wallestad for Huffington Post. In the article, Wallestad identifies a number of reasons why it is important for outsiders to see how boards operate and govern themselves.

Tags - Board Development
Who's the Boss? The Board or the Executive?

In this article, Jan Masaoka says, "it depends on whether the board is acting as a body, or whether board members are acting as individuals. The key is remembering that the board is different from board members." Then she goes on to explain the differences of the positions and presents examples that clarify issues.

Tags - Board Development
Whose Job is It, Anyway?

Is an article written for The NonProfit Times. The article, focusing on the grantseeking process of smaller nonprofits, emphasizes the importance of making decisions as an organization rather than as an individual.

Tags - Leadership
Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes and Why Bad Ads Happen to Good Causes

Hard copies of both of these books are available on request free to nonprofits from Cause Communications. Each provides practical advice for nonprofits leaders about how to make effective presentations and develop successful advertisements.

Tags - Communications and Networking
Why Innovation is Integral to Nonprofit Management

Is an article written by Daphne Stanford for Triple Pundit. The article discusses what exactly it takes for great leaders to show excellent, innovative leadership in the nonprofit world.

Tags - Finances and Sustainability
Why is Fundraising More About Leadership Than About Skills?

Fundraisers never lack for advice. The reality is that the board members should be raising money from foundations and major donors, and the staff and the executive director should be raising money from corporations. Fundraising also includes social networking tools such as Kickstarter and Twitter.

Tags - Fundraising
Why Nonprofits Need Emergency Transition Plans

Why Nonprofits Need Emergency Transition Plans is an article written by Ruth McCambridge for Nonprofit Quarterly. The article analyzes the sudden departure of an organization’s CEO and how it relates to the need for an emergency transition plan.

Tags - Change Management
Why Nonprofits Need to be Storytellers

Storytelling is integral to a nonprofit's ability to advance its mission. Stories can shape people; they can inspire them to think and act differently. Stories can connect a nonprofit's community, funders, beneficiaries, and employees with its cause and vision. This article explores adapting the art of storytelling to a nonprofit's specific mission and needs. It also includes links to related articles.

Tags - Communications and Networking
Why Nonprofits Should Consider A Legacy Giving Program And How To Get Started

A legacy gift is a gift that reflects a person’s deepest desires and longings to “leave their mark,” make a lasting contribution and impact society and the world long after they are gone.


Tags - Fundraising
Why the Decline in Individual Donors Should Matter to Institutional Philanthropy—and What to Do about It

Why the Decline in Individual Donors Should Matter to Institutional Philanthropy—and What to Do about It is an article written by Shena Ashley for Nonprofit Quarterly. The article addresses the decline of small and mid-sized donor households and discusses why it is an urgent matter for the entire sector.

Tags - Fundraising