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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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B Corporations and Their Implications for Nonprofits

Is a new article in the Nonprofit Quarterly that defines the B Corporation legal format and explains how such a structure might be relevant to nonprofits.

Tags - Leadership
Balancing the Mission Checkbook: Depreciate Your Way to a Healthier Nonprofit

Asset depreciation is a tool that a nonprofit can use to build its organization's financial reserves. In this article, Curtis Klotz explains why a nonprofit might want to create depreciate expenses.

Tags - Finances and Sustainability
Battening Down the Hatches

Is an article written by Elizabeth Zeigler for Stanford Social Innovation Review. In the article, Zeigler shares nonprofit strategies for facing challenges and seeking opportunities with both intentionality and creativity.

Tags - Management
Best Practices for a More Impactful Nonprofit Board

Is an article written for Smart Business Online. The article shares basic steps for ensuring that nonprofits stay aligned with their mission and put themselves in a strong position for the future.

Tags - Board Development
Best Practices in Sending Year-end Statements to Donors

Year-end tax statements provide donors with a convenient summary of their charitable contributions. They also offer an additional opportunity for the nonprofit to express its appreciation. These simple guidelines will help guide such expression, and an example is given.

Tags - Fundraising
Best Senior Staff Development Idea We Have Heard in a While—Or Maybe Ever

This idea about finding the right professional development opportunities for talented people in an organization makes a lot of good sense on so many levels!

Tags - Leadership
Beware Your Leadership Blind Spots

Even under the best of circumstances, giving feedback on a nonprofit organization's effectiveness to those in higher positions can be difficult. Yet nonprofit leaders need to make sure they're getting this feedback; without it, executives can overestimate their organizations' capacity and neglect areas that need improvement. This article offers insight into weaknesses that could be corrected and how to get feedback about them from staff.

Tags - Leadership
Beyond ‘X Number Served’

To cure the social sector’s metric monomania, nonprofits must get comfortable with complexity. In this article about measuring nonprofit impact, Mona Mourshed discusses three types of impact - breadth, depth and durability.

Beyond Dashboards: Business Intelligence Tools for Program Analysis and Reporting

Strategic, mission-critical decisions require a clear understanding of program performance, but for most nonprofits, making decisions on facts rather than gut feelings is easier said than done. As a way to better understand program performance and become more responsive to changes, organizations are increasingly turning to dashboards-custom utilities that gather, organize and present information in an accessible way.

Tags - Evaluation
Big Impact in Small Spaces

Is a free eBook from Network for Good that provides nonprofits with information on how to effectively communicate organizational messages in email and social media platforms. The book offers tips for writing better email subject lines, headlines, tweets, and Facebook updates.

Tags - Communications and Networking
Blending Evaluative and Organizational Development

Is an article written by Saphira M. Baker and Anita McGinty for Stanford Social Innovation Review. The article discusses how collaboration between nonprofit evaluators and organizational consultants can increase efficiency and lead to deeper results.

Tags - Evaluation
Blockbuster Controls: It's All About the Donor

In this article, Patrick Sullivan discusses ways nonprofits can approach individual donors for funding support.

Tags - Fundraising
BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Report 2022

BNY Mellon Wealth Management's 2022 Charitable Gift Report assesses the philanthropic landscape, levels of giving over the past five years and donor behavior to provide insights, context, and benchmarks. This report provides analytics and observations on the charitable gift annuity (CGA) and charitable remainder trust (CRT) activity during the calendar year 2021 for 101 nonprofit organizations and the BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund. This includes stats related to life income or planned gifts. O

Tags - Philanthropy
Board Essentials: What Should All Board Members Know?

Is a question and answer presentation that covers this topic. Included in the questions are: what should someone know before joining the board, how to keep board members informed, what are the individual responsibilities of board members and how to safeguard against conflict of interest?

Tags - Board Development
Board Support Position: Sample Job Description

Features Meg Evans' job description of her position as Coordinator of Board Relations at the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation in Portland Oregon. It provides valuable information about what the position entails, qualifications for it, contacts that are necessary, etc.

Tags - Human Resources