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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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5 Steps To Orientating A New CEO

Is an article written for The NonProfit Times. The article offers tips for boards looking to welcome a new chief executive officer and maintain a high level of performance.

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Daring to Lead 2011: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership

Is the latest report of an ongoing research project. Since the last report in 2006, powerful new forces have influenced the work and careers of nonprofit leadersin the US, including the recession. One of the 2011 study's most important findings is that 2/3 of nonprofit executives plan to leave their jobs within five years, despite some slowing of their plans because of the hard economic times. This report, produced by CompassPoint and the Meyer Foundation with the participation of more than 3,00

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Founder-to-CEO Transitions: Making It Work When the Founder Stays On

Is an article written by Carole Matthews for The Bridgespan Group. The article highlights the importance of founder readiness, dividing responsibilities, and staff loyalty during an incoming CEO’s period of transition.

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Lessons from the Front Line for Nonprofit CEO Successions

Is an article written by Gali Cooks and Eben Harrell for Stanford Social Innovation Review. The article shares the stories of several successful nonprofit leadership transitions in the hope that their stories will provide inspiration for other nonprofits.

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Managing Executive Transitions: A Guide for Nonprofits

Is a book written by the staff of CompassPoint and published by the organization. It guides nonprofits through a change in leadership, and can help boards and executive directors handle leadership turnovers in a way that prevents problems and sets the organization on a path for long-term success.

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Moving Over or Moving On: Next Career Steps for Health Clinic CEOs

Is a research report which begins with a perspective on why long term clinic leaders without plans to retire or transition into a new role in the community clinic movement, can hold clinics back. It then moves on to report on the career moves previous clinic CEOs have taken and how they prepared themselves for those moves.

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Navigating Succession: Four Exiting CEO Mindsets

In this article written for The Nonprofit Quarterly, Aparna Anand Joshi, Donald C. Hambrick and Jiyeon Kang discuss four CEO mindsets as they relate to executive succession and identify the implications for each.

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Nonprofit Executive Succession-Planning Toolkit

This executive succession planning toolkit includes strategies, guidelines and templates that can be modified and applied by users.

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Preparing Executive Director Transitions for Organizational Success

An article written by Patrick Cutrona for Third Sector New England, discusses the tricky issues presented during leadership transitions and identifies what is needed to ensure a stable transition for an organization overall.

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Succession Planning: It’s More Than Finding a New Executive Director

This is an article written by Hez Norton for Third Sector New England. The article discusses all the core activities needed to support the success of the nonprofit organization’s mission and its leaders over time. Readers are also provided with a “Succession Readiness” Checklist.

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What Makes Narrative Change So Hard?

Nonprofits and funders can go too far in pointing fingers at their own shortcomings. The reality is that they are playing on an uneven psychological field.

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Why Nonprofits Need Emergency Transition Plans

Why Nonprofits Need Emergency Transition Plans is an article written by Ruth McCambridge for Nonprofit Quarterly. The article analyzes the sudden departure of an organization’s CEO and how it relates to the need for an emergency transition plan.

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