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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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10 Ways Nonprofits Can Utilize Team Members' For-Profit Skills

In this article written for Forbes Nonprofit Council, strategies for making use of skills a nonprofit staff member has learned through work in the private sector are discussed.

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2022 Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities Survey Results

This report summarizes results from a survey that assesses and reveals what nonprofit organizations are most concerned about regarding managing their people resources for 2022. Nonprofit HR researchers collected information pertaining to the full lifecycle of talent management and other related topics such as talent acquisition, culture and employee engagement, and total rewards.

Tags - Human Resources
4 Tests for Enhancing Staff Performance

Is an article written for The NonProfit Times. The article discusses the four tests an organization's culture should meet to be a "performance-enhancing force."

Tags - Human Resources
4 Things Your Nonprofit Can Do to Recruit & Retain Millennial Leadership

Is an article written by Molly Rivera for Blue Avocado. Rivera discusses four things a nonprofit can do to recruit and retain talented young professionals.

Tags - Human Resources
5 Hiring Pitfalls to Avoid—If You Want Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Leadership

This is an article written for Nonprofit Quarterly. The article identifies some established practices that are likely holding back an organization's recruitment and leadership development practices and details how to fix them.

Tags - Human Resources
8 Ways to Find and Retain the Best Managers and Staff

An article written for The NonProfit Times, provides a number of tips for maintaining production value and retaining go-getters during the hiring process.

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Auditing Your Hiring Practices in 10 Steps

Is an article written for The NonProfit Times. In the article, authors Maxine Harris and Michael B. O'Leary provide some sample questions to help audit the hiring process and assess the extent to which it follows evidence-based practices.

Tags - Human Resources
Board Support Position: Sample Job Description

Features Meg Evans' job description of her position as Coordinator of Board Relations at the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation in Portland Oregon. It provides valuable information about what the position entails, qualifications for it, contacts that are necessary, etc.

Tags - Human Resources
Bridging the Gap: Eight Ways to Integrate Team Members of All Generations

Bridging The Gap: Eight Ways to Integrate Team Members of All Generations is an article written by an expert panel for Forbes Nonprofit Council. In the article, the experts of Forbes Nonprofit Council share their thoughts on how to integrate younger and older workers for the best outcome.

Tags - Human Resources
Building on Outcome-Oriented Annual Incentives

Nonprofit organizations have had to be innovative and flexible in tough economic times, and that is no less true in the area of compensation, especially for top positions. Even in the executive offices, doing more with less is a recurring theme.

Tags - Human Resources
Consultant or Employee?

It is not uncommon for organizations to enter into consulting contracts with individuals who should legally be hired as employees. It is sometimes difficult to know how to define which is which.

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Culture, Inclusion, and Nonprofit Competence: The Unbreakable Links

Is an article written by Steve Dubb for The Nonprofit Quarterly. In the article, Dodd discusses the ideas of cultural competency and inclusivity in regards to nonprofits and examines the benefits associated with them

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Danger Ahead!!! Beware the Three Dangerous Traps in Finding New Leaders.

The hole that is created when a key leader leaves an organization is often frightening, and the desire to fill that hole can lead to high anxiety and knee-jerk reactions. The impulse to move quickly can often lead to poor decisions, and poor decisions can lead to a downward spiral of problems for the nonprofit. This article outlines and describes these traps.

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Do We Need Insurance for Our Volunteers?

This article provides detailed advice along with several worst-case scenarios to show what kinds of events can happen and how to minimize costs, protect the volunteers and the organization.

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Fair, Consistent Staff Lay-Offs

Was the topic of a recent workshop at Third Sector New England. Realizing the personal and organizational disruption that layoffs can wreak, TSNE brought more than a dozen human resource directors, executive directors and consultants together in February 2009 to look at ways to help both nonprofit employees and organizations cope with layoffs. Lyn Freundlich, TSNE's director of human resources and administration, facilitated the discussion.

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