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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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12 Strategies to Keep Up with Evolving Nonprofit Challenges

Is an article written for Forbes Nonprofit Council. In the article, a panel of nonprofit executives share their best strategies and recommendations for making sure an organization is adapting well to unexpected obstacles.

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A Study on Collaborative Leadership Yields Data Hope

Maureen Malomba, a Doctoral Assistant in the School of Strategic Leadership Studies at James Madison University, further elaborates on the subject of collaborative leadership, specifically teen pregnancy, in rural Kilifi County, Nigeria. Malomba shares her research findings and expands on the importance of collaborative leadership. 

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B Corporations and Their Implications for Nonprofits

Is a new article in the Nonprofit Quarterly that defines the B Corporation legal format and explains how such a structure might be relevant to nonprofits.

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Best Senior Staff Development Idea We Have Heard in a While—Or Maybe Ever

This idea about finding the right professional development opportunities for talented people in an organization makes a lot of good sense on so many levels!

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Beware Your Leadership Blind Spots

Even under the best of circumstances, giving feedback on a nonprofit organization's effectiveness to those in higher positions can be difficult. Yet nonprofit leaders need to make sure they're getting this feedback; without it, executives can overestimate their organizations' capacity and neglect areas that need improvement. This article offers insight into weaknesses that could be corrected and how to get feedback about them from staff.

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Building an Effective Audit Committee for Your Nonprofit

Is an article written by Patricia E. Farrell for The Legal Intelligencer. The article discusses the benefits of an audit committee and explores how to appoint, integrate and monitor a well-rounded one

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Business Planning for Nonprofits: What It Is and Why It Matters

Is an in-depth article by Kelly Campbell and Betsy Haley of the Bridgespan Group. They explain every step of the business-planning process and give examples of some nonprofits' successful plans, and failures by those nonprofits who neglected to make a written business plan.

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Coaching and Philanthropy Project: Action Guides for Grantmakers, Nonprofits, and Coaches

Is a project of CompassPoint, created to assess and advance coaching as a strategy for building effective nonprofit organizations. It reviewed the nonprofit sector's support for and use of coaching, as well as the coaching field's knowledge of and work within the nonprofit sector. Its publications were created as a resource for and about coaching in the nonprofit sector. Each contains relevant information for a particular audience - funders, nonprofits, and coaches.

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Coaching Strengthens Nonprofit Leaders and Their Organizations

By Carolyn J. Curran is an article addressing key questions about coaching such as: why is there a discrepancy between interest in, and practice of, coaching; what is the difference between coaching and consulting; when is a nonprofit leader ready for coaching; what happens in a coaching session; how can coaching top executives impact a whole organization; and how to pay for coaching.

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Connecting Valley Nonprofits to Interpersonal Violence (IPV) Resources

Connecting Valley Nonprofits to Interpersonal Violence (IPV) Resources is a free guide providing information and referral resources if a nonprofit’s staff member, volunteer or client might have an IPV challenge. It was developed by Strength United in partnership with VNR through a year-long project that also included educational workshops, and was funded by a grant from Kaiser Permanente.

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Do Nonprofit CEOs and CFOs Occupy a Strategic Space Together? Not Always

Is an article written by Ruth McCambridge for The Nonprofit Quarterly. The article details the findings of a recent survey in which CEOs and CFOs at nonprofit organizations reveal that they view organizational priorities and challenges somewhat differently.

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Doing More with More: Putting Shared Leadership into Practice

Is an article written by Michael Allison, Susan Misra and Elissa Perry for The Nonprofit Quarterly. The article identifies the different aspects of shared leadership and details how it can be put into action to best serve an organization and its mission.

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Eight Important Elements Every Nonprofit Mission Statement Needs

Is an article written for Forbes Nonprofit Council. For those that are unsure of which direction to take with a mission statement, this guiding purpose can provide a clear way forward and ensure that all decisions serve a greater goal.

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Embracing Radical Imagination

Is an article written by Maro Guevara for CompassPoint. The article discusses the importance of imagination as a catalyst for social movements and change within an organization.

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Empowering Black Leadership Across the Nonprofit Sector

As Black History Month comes to an end, TSNE highlights programs that focus on training and supporting Black leaders in the nonprofit sector.  

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