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In addition to the resources in the Library, Valley Nonprofit Resources’ website has available publications that can be downloaded for free from its past projects – the MENDing Poverty conference series, Raising the Bar Project, Latino Multifamily Group Program, and Latino Multifamily Groups for Type II Diabetes Project.

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A Few Good RSVP Tools: Online Registration Options for Free Events

Planning a free event? It can be difficult to justify paying a lot of money for online registration software, but trying to get by with email or online invitation tools like Evite can leave you frustrated. Don’t worry—you have options. We talked to seven nonprofit technology experts about useful and affordable options for collecting RSVPs for free events.

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A Three-Step Approach to Protecting Your Nonprofit from Cyberattacks

Nonprofit organizations rely on data for almost every decision they make, from engagement to strategies and program evaluations. Data is a valuable asset. And protecting it from internal or external corruption and illegal access can prevent financial and operational loss.

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An Open Data Overview

Should an organization be sharing the information it gathers about programs and services? There are benefits to doing so—and there are risks. Generally, sharing data is not common practice, but as funders increasingly demand information about the effectiveness of the organizations they support, more and more nonprofits are doing so. This article discusses how to share data.

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Creating a Digital-First Strategy

This is an article written by Adrienne Day for Stanford Social Innovation Review. Examining the experiences of prominent nonprofit organizations, Day examines why nonprofit leaders should think less about the technology and more about the people who will use it and the goals they hope to achieve.

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Four Essential Tips To Make Your Nonprofit Mobile Friendly

What does it mean to make your nonprofit organization mobile friendly? From your organization’s website and emails to landing and donation pages, turning your nonprofit into a mobile-friendly one requires focusing on all aspects of your organization’s work. Let’s first look at the different major benefits of a mobile-friendly nonprofit

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How Dashboards Can Help Your Nonprofit Achieve Its Goals

How Dashboards Can Help Your Nonprofit Achieve Its Goals is an article written for Nonprofit Quarterly. This article, accompanied by a video, leads a guided tour through the land of nonprofit dashboards using real-life examples.

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How Nonprofits Can Save Time and Money: Why Cloud Integrations Matter

Is an article written by Sima Thakkar for TechSoup. In the article, Thakkar discusses the capabilities of the cloud and the many ways in which nonprofits can save both time and money by using it.

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How Tech Can Maximize Social Impact

An article written by Kevin Barenblat for Stanford Social Innovation Review, shares advice for integrating technology into the core of an organization's programs.

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How to Systemize Improvement for Your Nonprofit Website

This is an article written by Temi Adewumi for NTEN. The article offers a number of suggestions for how to make website improvement a regular practice in an organization.

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Implementing A Cloud Solution

This workbook helps nonprofits define and plan a project, give a better understanding of an organization's readiness for the new system, and help identify the data to migrate from the old system and what can be left behind. Along the way, there is exploration of all the ways this change could impact an organization's processes, from how data are entered, to where to turn for help with problems. There is also help to identify what training is needed and how to provide or find it.

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Implementing a New Website: Planning Your Approach

This workbook is a guide to help nonprofit organizations through the website redesign process, better prepare staff to work with the chosen web developer, and plan the web content for launch.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New IT System

Most people would rather have a long, slow root canal performed on them than make any type of IT transition. But, it has to be done and there are things to consider before doing it, which are presented in this article.

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Nonprofit Data Breaches, Security Policies You Can't Overlook

An article written for The NonProfit Times, outlines five things one absolutely must do when looking to write or review acceptable use or data security policies.

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Process Evaluation vs. Outcome Evaluation

Is an article written by MissionWorks for Third Sector New England. The article examines the difference between outcome evaluation and process evaluation and asks the important questions that will help shape an evaluation into a more useful tool.

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Selecting Software on a Shoestring

Here’s a simplified six-step process that can help when an organization needs to make a simple choice of software quickly. Go to: Selecting Software on a Shoestring Here’s a simplified six-step process that can help when an organization needs to make a simple choice of software quickly.

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